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Team Gem; meet the magical gymnasts who spin, loop and turn under the spell of their precious rings.

  • Top tips on how to use your Team Gem dolls

    Watch the quick videos on the Home page to help you get started

  • Can my doll perform all the moves on the trick sheet?

    Ruby and Jade can perform hand moves. Amy and Saffie can perform foot moves, they can all perform the freestyle balance positions. Amber and Luna have their own trick sheets with a different set of moves to master.

  • Can I mix and match my rings with my dolls?

    Yes! All the Team Gem rings are compatible with all the dolls and playsets.

  • Do all the dolls work on the vault or beam playsets?

    Ruby, Saffie, Jade and Amy can perform either hand or foot balances, inside each pack is a trick sheet detailing a range of moves that each doll can perform.

    Amber (Beam playset) and Luna (Gymnasium playset) are dolls specific to their playsets. These dolls have flatter feet so that they can perform moves on the beam or flip up and over the vault, both playsets come with their own unique trick sheet with a range of moves to master.

    The Gymnasium has a large performance mat plus lots of role play accessories suitable for all the dolls and can be used to play and display your full collection of Team Gem.

  • Can I use other dolls on the beam and the vault?

    Amber and Luna have flat feet so that they can perform moves on their apparatus. Ruby, Jade, Amy and Saffie have pointed toes to balance on which means they cannot be used on the beam or the vault.

  • My vault is not closing, Why?

    Make sure that the ring is not connected to the vault when closing the springboard.

  • Where can I buy replacement parts?

    If you require spare parts, please contact our Customer Care team by emailing [email protected] or calling 0800 389 8591.

  • How many dolls can I collect?

    There are 6 magical gymnasts to collect.

  • Can I download a copy of the Instructions?

    A copy of the instructions can be found by clicking on the link on the Home page.

  • Where can I buy Team Gem Dolls?

    Team Gem dolls are available at most major toy retailers, see links on Home page.

  • Have we answered your question? If not contact us

    Email- [email protected] UK free phone number – 0800 389 8591